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professional athlete, art collector & real estate investor

Dmitry Piterman (Ukrainian: Дмитро Пітерман; born 18 December 1963) is a Ukrainian-American businessman. Born in the former USSR, Dmitry Piterman emigrated to Brooklyn with his family at the tender age of 15.

After setting New York City's record in Triple-Jump (which still stands today), Piterman earned a track scholarship to University of California Berkeley. It was while attending school at UC Berkeley that Dmitry purchased his first property, officially marking his entrance into the world of real estate investment. This single investment quickly turned into several, which were all wildly profitable, and he continued to reinvest after every sale he made.

From 1997-2007, Dmitry owned and coached four different Spanish soccer teams. Piterman’s teams often had great success, but as a foreigner and outsider to Spain’s soccer community, his brash, sometimes domineering style didn’t go over well when things turned south.

During his tenure in Spain, Dmitry also discovered Dali. He was fascinated with his way of thinking outside the box. He said: “I always thought I was kind of a rare fish myself, so it was easy to identify with someone who was very flamboyant and very different." It soon evolved into an obsession, and Piterman quickly acquired several hundred pieces of his work.

In 2007, he and his family relocated back to Berkeley, so his sons, Sergey and Constantine, could continue the family tradition at UC Berkeley. They showed a similar aptitude for Track & Field as their father. And later, in 2011, Dmitry won the World Masters Championship in triple-jump, marking his retirement from professional sports on a high note.

In 2016, Dmitry relocated down to Pebble Beach full-time to open up a permanent exhibition of his private collection of Salvador Dalí on the Old Fisherman's Wharf with his wife, Rebecca. The Piterman’s private collection of over 580 original works by the famed surrealist, in turn revived the localized history surrounding Dalí by showcasing the unique pieces that tie him to the Monterey region.

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Multi-Family Real Estate has provided me a reliable source of income to provide for my family for 30+ years.

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I purchased my first Salvador Dalí piece in the 80's... I now have several hundred pieces displayed in California.


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